How does a walk-in counselling session work?

When you arrive at the address, let the receptionist know that you’re there for the what’s up walk- in. They will give you a form to fill out. This form gives us basic information about you and what you may want the counsellor to know about why you came in. All the information you provide is confidential.

Then you will meet with a counsellor. Together you will talk about whatever is on your mind.

If at a later time, you feel you need more help, you can come back to the what’s up walk-in. We use a “talk therapy” approach that has been found to be successful.

We don’t judge. We will support you in your concerns, and work collaboratively with you. The focus is on abilities, resources, and skills that you have or you want to develop. Together we will target a priority concern and develop a plan with you that you feel comfortable with. Counselling sessions last between 45-60 minutes.

Want to learn more? Watch our informational videos below!

(We also offer these videos in eight different languages: Chinese, French, Farsi, Korean, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish & Urdu. Click here to view them!)

Did you know?

There are 5,000 counselling visits to the what’s up walk-in each year across all locations.

The most common issues talked about are anxiety, depression, family conflict, and school related issues.

Only 6% of people who use the clinic are referred to long-term more intensive services. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the model even with complex issues.